Mick Fowler: Taxman, Cancer Survivor and The World’s Greatest Amateur Climber

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Mick Fowler is a man of two truths. One truth is Mike, an easy-going family man with a long and successful career in His Majesty’s Revenue & Customs. The other is Mick, the relentless, almost fanatical climber who has spent almost 50 years finding and conquering some of the most incredible mountain ascents ever undertaken. For his entire life Mick has expertly juggled the two. In the latest instalment of Black’s Everyday Life Outdoors series, a collection of short films featuring some of the Outdoor Communities most celebrated individuals, we quiz legendary British climber Mick about his amazing life. With 50 years of pioneering climbing under his belt, Mick’s interview is a treasure trove of wonderful anecdotes told with his characteristic humility.

This month Blacks celebrates outdoor trailblazers, the people and organisations that have moved the outdoor community, its achievements and outdoors equipment forwards. Mick’s adventurous approach to climbing and his unprecedented achievements on peaks around the World undoubtedly earn him the trailblazer status. Made possible by the lovely people at Berghaus. Subscribe to Blacks: https://www.youtube.com/BlacksOnline?…

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