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Superbly lightweight and packable

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Rab's new Infinity 300 down bag offers low weight and high packability - but how does it fare in the warmth stakes?

Rab’s Infinity range is brand new and consists of the 300 on test here and the 500, with an emphasis on low weight and packability. It’s amazing just how light this bag is, and Rab have achieved this through the use of very high quality down, the use of Pertex Quantum GL for the outer, and a no-frills design that does away with an extraneous features and even uses a half-length zipper. Given the weight, it’s hard to believe it will be warm enough for sub-zero temperatures, but once ensconced and zipped in, the high quality down does its job while drafts are kept out by a combination of neck drawcords, neck collar and a synthetic insulation baffle on the main zip. If you want that extra bit of warmth, and are prepared to carry a bit more, then check out the Infinity 500 which, as the name suggests, offers 500g of fill (as opposed to 300g on the Infinity 300) and an overall weight of 874g. The 500 gives you a comfort rating of -2°C, limit of comfort rating of -9°C, and an extreme rating of -27°C so think carefully about where you’ll be using the bag before deciding which is most suitable.

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