Suprabeam V3r review


Powerful torch with nice accessories

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The Suprabeam weighs in at 184g but offers a massive 300 lumens of power. For your money you get the headtorch, a long cable, a spare Li-Poly battery, a carry case and a USB and car charger. I have found that it sits well on my head and have also used it on top of a climbing helmet. The beam width on wide beam does not have ‘Saturn’s rings’ on the outer edges like some of the other models do. The spot beam is very bright and without any bounce back from fog/ cloud/ rain/snow and the distance is brilliant. In terms of battery life, from one charge I have had just over six hours with variable light outputs.

The battery pack can be placed inside your pack or on your bike to keep it warmer and therefore make it last longer. The head unit will dismount from the very supple elastic and can be placed low down for a better vision perspective. If you have been out in some very poor nights you will appreciate the  positioning and placement of the main beam. This version has a regulated output meaning that the light stays bright while there is charge. With the two fully-charged batteries I had with me, I had a potential of 12 hours light from the torch. Having spent a fair amount of time using the Suprabeam, I’ve been impressed with the quality, weight, price, and most importantly, the V3r’s brilliant light output.

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