Hillsound Trail Crampons review




Take up less space than crampons in your pack, though not that much lighter

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There’s been a steady stream of lightweight alternatives to full crampons over the last few years, and if something like the Yaktrax Walk sits at the most basic end of the spectrum, then these Hillsound Trail Crampons err towards the more sophisticated end. The idea is simple; if you’re walking in places where you may come across snow and ice on easy-angled slopes it’s handy to have something in your pack to give you extra grip.

The Trail Crampons come in five sizes, from S to XXL, and it’s important to get the correct fit (not too big) otherwise they will slide around and be more of a hindrance than help. Rubber straps slip over your boots, and a Velcro strap tightens over your foot, keeping the crampons firmly in place. Two plates sit below your heel and forefoot, and there are 10 points in all (6 at the front, 4 at the back). Chains link the plates to
each other and to the rubber strap. At 460g per pair (size medium) they are one of the heavier trail-type crampons available – and not far off the lightest crampons available – but they do offer a lot more grip than others that are in effect little more than chains. I’ve used them on snow, ice and rock and have found them effective, and they do do take up less pack space than crampons.

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