Elbrus 2013 – Meet The Team

The countdown is on to Trek & Mountain’s second Reader Expedition – Elbrus 2013 – sponsored by Berghaus. Below we meet the team and ask them what they are most looking forward to about the trip…

Andy_TeallAndy Teall
Best trekking trip or moment so far: Camping at 5,200m, below the Renjo La in Everest region. Stunning views, freezing cold and gale force winds, but wouldn’t miss it for the world!
Most looking forward to: The whole team getting to the top safely, and the celebrations afterwards!




MarkONeillMark O’Neill
Best trekking trip or moment: So far it has to be climbing Denali in May 2012. It was a tough expedition, physically and mentally, but it’s one of the most magnificent and beautiful places I’ve ever been. Everywhere you look are these views of such grandeur and pristine white wilderness. I would go back there again given the chance.
Most looking forward to: I’m really looking forward to climbing up the north side; it’s the route less-travelled, away from the crowds and the cable cars. I like the isolation, the feeling that we will have the mountain to ourselves, a true and pure climbing experience.


Derek_FlanaganDerek Flanagan
Best trekking trip or moment: Kilimanjaro has been my best trekking trip so far, but it’s still hard to beat the breathtaking views while hiking in Donegal.
Most looking forward to: It’s the challenge of dealing with colder conditions and snow at high altitude. It will be a great learning experience and the chance to meet and share experiences with the rest of the team makes this expedition very exciting.



Les_TeallLes Teall
Best trekking trip or moment: It has to be trekking with Mr Simon Yates in Peru to celebrate 25 years after ‘Touching The Void’ – amazing memories.
Most looking forward to: The cold, the altitude and probably the headaches and the sleepless nights… can’t wait, bring it on!




Tony_MartinTony Martin
Best trekking trip or moment: Best experience so far was Kilimanjaro, a week spent with the finest team I have ever known assembled.
Most looking forward to: What I want to get out of Elbrus is a week as good as Kili, with a team that bonds as well as the Kili team did. And a couple of summits would be nice too.



Amanda_EvillAmanda Evill
Best trekking trip or moment: My first trip to the Himalaya in 2004; I was blown away by its beauty and magnificence.
Most looking forward to: Meeting the mountain and sharing the experience with my teammates




Stuart_LeachStuart Leach
Best trekking trip or moment: Summiting Toubkal at dawn having left the chaos of Marrakech just 24 hours earlier. An amazing experience.
Most looking forward to: Relishing the challenge of a self-sufficient expedition in some harsh conditions whilst enjoying the scenery – hopefully!




Graham2Graham Wilson
Best trekking trip or moment: Aconcuaga with a pack weighing in excess of 20kg was hard work, I lost over a stone in weight on that trip. Mind you, the steaks and red wine in Mendoza made it worthwhile… well, almost.
Most looking forward to: I am looking forward to the mountain and the challenge. It will be the third mountain of the Seven Summits I have climbed and I suspect it will be the last, as the remaining four look a bit difficult.



PhilBrookesPhil Brookes
Best trekking trip or moment: Probably summiting Cotopaxi in Ecuador last summer, in a freezing white- out – a tough walk, but very satisfying to summit. Or Kinabalu a few years back, my first 4000m peak, was special too.
Most looking forward to: After flying past Elbrus several times, and reading a little about the Caucasus, I’m really up to see it
in reality, and hopefully get to the top of a peak several friends have tried and failed on!

The Elbrus 2013 team will be leaving for Russia on 8th August and you can follow their progress via Facebook and Twitter between 9th-19th August. There’s no mobile coverage on Elbrus but we’ll be using a satellite phone to post updates!

Facebook: trek&mountain
Twitter: @trekandmountain


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