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With a constant stream of news coming out of Nepal on the wider devastation and casualties caused by today’s earthquake, we’ve been piecing together the position of British climbing teams on Everest. 

We’ve listed news by team below, and are posting updates as issued by the teams themselves, not other news organisations, so that the information is as accurate as possible.

The following posts are from Marni Oostra of 360 Expeditions, whose husband Rolfe was a Camp 1 when the avalanche struck: “After seeing this being the top topic on the news I should update you so you have facts. It is with great sadness that we have to report that we have lost 3 amazing Sherpa from our team. There are a further 5 confirmed dead and we hear this could rise significantly but until things are clarified I will leave this for now. Rolfe and Jo are based at C1 and we are thankful they left BC when they did – we are also thankful they got through the ice fall in the speed they did so were not there when it struck. Basecamp is in a state and I believe that many teams members, Sherpa and westerners will come back to nothing. Rolfe and Jo included. There is a meet at C1 tomorrow with all team leaders at 8 am therefore I expect to hear from rolfe at our 4am for an update. Plans are to head to C2 to be in a safer position or to investigate trying to get down. Getting down isnt the easy option as the ice fall has been affected and the carefully chosen route is finished. Weather and safety will dictate.

“Rolfe’s report: ‘As Jo and I arrived into C1 in low vis we heard a tremendous noise – it was all around us – presuming an avalanche – which was a nightmare to pin the direction on. The noise and movement was enough to trip us off our feet. later there was the loudest noise I have ever heard coming from below (base camp) which produced an enormous backdraft. It was not easy to work out what was going on but we were naturally now pretty wired trying to predict avalanches as well as make out what was happening. After frantic coms to BC it was related to us that there had been huge avalanches and landslides on a devastation scale into BC triggered by the earthquake. We are in radio coms with BC and sat phone coms back home. We are all okay but devastated for our friends and colleagues’.”

Today’s updates (26th April): In the last 3 hours since the below info came in it seems many of the 98 or so have been evaced out – This is good news. Tim Rob and Rolfe (with their clients) are still at C1 and plans are being talked through. The injured have also now been taking out from BC and are in KTMD. I will keep you posted.”

“As you have probably learnt there have been a few aftershocks – The largest one since the main event came a few hours ago triggering concern. We have let things settle and happy to report that all is okay at C1.
The ice fall has now been deemed unstable and the rest of the teams at C1 will be choppered out first thing tomorrow (weather depending) – They are all good but keen to get back to BC to start assessing the situation and taking stock on what has happened. They sound exhausted. I have no new news from BC -Thank you all so much for the support – and I am sorry we can’t reply to you all who have sent messages but they are much appreciated and I hope some of what we write gives comfort and understanding to a muddling situation.”

Another team led by Tim Mosedale appears to be safe; the following post by Jonathan Nicholson appearing on their Facebook page: “Have just heard that Tim Mosedale and his team are accounted for and currently at camp 1 on Everest. Apparently base camp has been effected, but they have no communication with base camp at present. As news updates I will let you know.”

Jagged Globe have several trekking and climbing teams in Nepal, and reported on their website as follows:
11:04 BST. We have received some information from Nepal. We have 2 teams in Kathmandu. They are our Mera Peak Expedition that left the UK on 3 April and our Annapurna Circuit team that started on 9 April. Members of these teams are safe in the Summit Hotel, Kathmandu. We await status reports from other teams: Dhaulagiri Circuit, Everest, Mera and Island Peak, Private Dhaulagiri Circuit (David Eldor) and a film team in Gorak Shep associated with the Everest expedition. We will report team’s status as when possible.

UPDATE 1430 BST. We have heard from leaders, David Hamilton and Chris Groves in Everest Base Camp. Our team has been affected by the reported avalanche in base camp. Communications generally in Nepal are very difficult following the earthquake this morning, but we’ll update with more news when we have it. We have yet to hear from our other teams in Nepal listed above.

1847 BST. It is with the greatest sorrow that we report the death of one of our Everest team members, Daniel Fredinburg. Two other team members have non-life threatening injuries, as a result of the avalanche that struck base camp during the earthquake and its aftershocks. They are being looked after in base camp. All Sherpas and other team members are uninjured and are safe in base camp or in Gorak Shep, a nearby cluster of tea houses and lodges. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Dan’s family and friends whilst we pray too for all those who have lost their lives in one of the greatest tragedies ever to hit this Himalayan nation.

Another post reports that: “British Army Everest team are safe at Advanced Base Camp 6400m. Thoughts and prayers with Nepal in the aftermath of the earthquake.”

Chris Harling, Leader of the Adventure Peaks Everest North Ridge 2015 Expedition reported on Facebook: “Here in base camp we initially felt minor tremmors, then the ground began to feel like jelly as waves passed through the rocks beneath our feet. Climbers appeared from tents all over camp to try to start to comprehend what they were feeling. As the movement became more violent I expected the loose and precarious rocky slopes above the camp area to start shedding huge boulders – it was extremely alarming wondering if we were to be buried by rockfall. Sure enough, an area of steep cliffs did break off sending car sized boulders hurtling down only a few hundred metres from our tents. We are still feeling aftershocks hours later. Our thoughts are with any local staff working on Everest who may have been affected by losses in today’s quake.”

Bristol-based outfit Summit Climb has a team on the north side of Everest led by Dan Mazur, and reported they are all okay: “WE FELT THE EARTHQUAKE ON THE NORTH SIDE BUT HAVE NO DAMAGE AND ALL ARE SAFE”. Today (26th April) Dan reported on Twitter earlier today that”Aftershock @ 1pm! Horrible here in camp 1. Avalanches on 3 sides. C1 a tiny island. We worry about icefall team below.. Alive?”
A later post said that: “Icefall scouts back w/ news: GOOD: route is there. BAD: it sustained damage. V BAD: icefall Sherpas bc gone; ran away to Namche!”

Norther Ireland based outfitter Adventure Alternative reported yesterday that: “There has been a large earthquake in Nepal this morning, but we have been in touch with the office and Pasang and his family and all the staff and interns and clients are fine. One of the walls near our guesthouse fell down. Reports are of significant damage in Kathmandu but it’s still early days. Pasang told me there was a lot of damage in Bupsa too. Early reports suggest some fatalities too at Everest Base Camp where the climbers are all camped.”

UPDATE (26th April): “Today we have been in touch with Kathmandu continually. We put the tents up in the garden of the house as a precaution and there have been some aftershocks of lesser strength, which is normal in the aftermath of an earthquake. We keep an eye on all the news feeds and media surrounding the earthquake, it has been a huge tragedy. The trekking areas are unaffected, although there was a landslide just outside Phakding. The damage at Everest base camp is considerable, partly because it’s location at the head of the valley with steep slopes on all sides meant it was vulnerable to avalanche. Trekkers along the trail have not been affected and our clients are safe, as are the villagers and staff. But this is a shock that will continue with its repercussions for many weeks. I have read some tragic stories, it’s hard to imagine the terror when the quake hit and the grief when the losses were revealed. Our aim is to keep in touch all the time, keep next of kin informed and make sure our information is correct. We are also offering any help and support needed to our staff, and for now we will continue with our treks in the coming days and weeks having done proper risk assessments. The Nepalese need our support now.”

Caroline Cuif has been posting on behalf of UK-based outfitter Himalayan Experience: “A massive earthquake has hit Nepal this morning.7.9! Lots of destructions, injuries (over 400) and casualties all over Nepal. A significant aftershock is expected and people have gathered in parks and the middle of the roads in search of safe places. An avalanche has been reported with many injuries… All Himex team is safe at BC. I am also safe here in Kathmandu but the experience of a whole house shaking with furniture falling off all around you is quite scary. More news later.”

5:41pm “It’s getting slowly dark here. Last communication with Everest BC this afternoon where everyone seem safe there (please check news from Himex website for updates). We expect further aftershocks during the night. More updates when the communications get a bit better. For my family, I am safe and well.

UPDATE (26th April): “Pitch black over Kathmandu last night with frequent tremors. It was hard to wake up to reality this morning. Russell and Jason Laing (Simrik Pilot) went to Kathmandu airport at dawn to assess the situation and try to fly to BC, but the weather is still bad. The phone communications are down at the moment, then I cannot confirm further. People slept in the open and many jumped in buses or taxi to flee Kathmandu. Hotels have been evacuated and many tourists had their suitcases ready. My thoughts and prayers are for those tragically affected by this immense tragedy.


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